Compression Spring – Export from Turkey

Compression Spring – Export from Turkey

Compression Spring  manufacturing

Compression Spring are the common name given to a machine element that is used to obtain force (load) by the compression method.

And to counteract forces in the same way. Printing bow many of the  springs manufactured by our company based in Turkey  are round wire springs wrapped with closed ends.
our product range includes drawing , torsion , arming  , spiral crushing  , elevator ,  Springs, tape , force drill and fraze sieve Springs, as well as different forms .

High quality printing spring production

the Compression Spring is used with the compression method to store energy, provide load (power) or withstand pressure-oriented forces.

The most widely used form in the industry is the round wire, wrapped with the ends closed, the two sides parallel to each other. In order to analyze the length loss cycle, reduce classroom size and excessive shaking, or to achieve load (power) characteristics, Compression Spring  kocaeli manufactures printing spring with state-of-the-art Spring winding machines.

Areas of use

Compression Spring the spring index, which is approximately the ratio of the spring diameter to the wire diameter, should be between 5 and 11

Compression Spring kocaeli printing spring production is available in all machine track, makes special designs for its customers.

Areas where printing spring equipment is used;
industry agricultural machinery industry, mining machinery, iron and steel and raw materials for industrial machines, heavy duty machines, industrial, automotive & spare parts sector, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, railways, car industry, hardware industry ,cement industry, construction machinery and industrial equipment ,white goods industry ,machinery industry automation.

Food and Packaging Machinery Industry electrical and electronics industry , heating & refrigeration industry ,bicycle and motorcycle spare parts ,tractor& equipment and spare parts industry ,medical devices industry and more in a quite

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