Our company was established as a small workshop in GEBZE/ KOCAELI in 2000 and has replaced production of 850 square meters with the power of customer satisfaction in a short time.In the last quarter of 2019, our company strengthened its production in its new site with a closed area of 3000 square meters, and managed to produce the machine in its own need with the personnel it has incorporated into to develop products, and its young and dynamic energy in production, it has developed production capacity and machine technology in a short time.Our company has adopted the principle of producing at the right time at an affordable price with the least error in the latest model cnc spring machines used in automotive sub-industry, electronics, defense, white goods, textile and agriculture sectors with computer-aided spring and form machines Our company produces products with its experienced team using print springs, pull springs, winding springs, battery springs, disc and strip springs, wire and hair forms, pressprinted parts and optionally the latest possibilities of technology spring production...



We as our company, we take into principle that we will act with the awareness that superior quality occurs not by controlling the product, but as a result of the chain of anti-errors processes.

We ensure that we will lead continuous improvement activities consistently and visibly and ensure the participation of all employees.

The work undertakes to regulate the location and conditions of the human-environment factor at all times.