Shock absorber sprirng – Turkey

Shock absorber sprirng – Turkey

Shock Absorber Spring

Shock absorber sprirng to a mechanical part. It minimizes the shake and shake that occurs during the movement of the vehicle and provides driving safety. Although many people think shock absorbers are for comfort purposes, that is not the case. Shock absorbers provide driving safety by absorbing bumps and shocks from road disturbances. It also refers to a mechanical layout that complements the suspension system with coil springs.

What Are The Purposes Of The Shock absorber sprirng

Shock absorbers also reduce the release of springs. Springs also allow the tire to maintain constant contact with the surface of the road. Control of the shock absorbers is provided when the vehicle is on the lift. You take care of your side escapees. And general physical checks are done.

The next move is to measure suspension efficiency electronically by taking the vehicle to the test line. As a Minimum, there are standards set around the world. A healthy shock absorber spring should be above these minimum values.

In addition, the deviation between the values given by the front and rear shock absorbers should be as small as possible. It should be noted that the

Shock absorber sprirng exists to ensure a safe ride rather than a comfortable ride.

How Do You Know There Is Trouble With The Shock absorber sprirng

The most important task in the car’s handling is measured by the shock absorber spring. Let’s say the Shock absorber sprirng break out and don’t do their job. Cars have a hard time getting into the bend with an exploding shock absorber. At the same time, brake retention is also a problem. Weight directly affects the suspension system. Weight should be put on the vehicle as much as the car can lift.

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