Extension spring – Made in turkey shpping to world

Extension spring – Made in turkey shpping to world

Extension spring turkey

Extension spring turkey is made of wire in a circular, rectangular or square cross-section wrapped around a specific axis and in a specific step in the left or right direction. It is a type of spring that can resist a tensile force and form an inverse force, and its yellows are produced adjacent to each other. Since the hooks at the pull Spring End are subject to both bending and torsion, the stresses of the hooks must be kept to a minimum level.

The application of heat treatment, which is of great importance for the tensile spring to reach a maximum strength, is kept under constant control as time and degree. Thus, customer satisfaction is ensured at maximum level by not sacrificing quality.

Extension spring  turkey Today’s high technology, suitable for the desired drawing forces, paint and tension degrees with the desired draw spring production can be made. Working patterns, the tensile spring, which is the resistance to the tensile forces, is generally produced with the windings closed. In addition to the standard type hooks, the desired type of hooks can be designed according to customer demands.

The heat treatments applied to reach the maximum resistance of the tensile spring are of great importance in terms of the life, performance and reliability of the Extension spring turkey 

Extension spring  turkey  In addition, the calibration of the firms ‘ pull spring furnaces by the Turkish Standards Institute must be done periodically. In order for the towing springs to work smoothly, the bending and torsional stresses encountered by the end and hook parts of the Extension spring must be kept at an optimum level.

Bending and torsional stresses, Springs may interfere with the work of the other parts of the system outside the springs
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